Internship Details

Location: San Francisco, CA
Time: 1 year, starting at the beginning of January/July
US Visa: J-1 visa
Selection criteria: Recommendation and Interview
Fellowship pays for: Cobaltix will pay for airfare, housing reimbursement, visa and stipend.
Application: Please email Professor Douglas Beaver ( in Copenhagen.

The Intern position will combine practical work experience with a learning experience that will include mentoring and instruction in technology, cognitive skills, and business.
We expect a 1-year commitment, and will also take care of the costs and sponsorship of a J1 visa, travel arrangements, rent stipend, and US$30,000 in pay (stipend) for the successful candidate. The internship is in San Francisco, CA.

In the past, we have been fortunate to have many well-qualified candidates. Grades are not the most important factor for us. A strong base level of technical skills, attitude, work ethic, “smart” and “nice” are the most important criterion in our decision-making process.

We expect that most candidates will have solid skills around PC hardware, Windows, Macs, general troubleshooting, and solid understanding of operating systems. Some Linux and server skills are good to have as well, but the ability to learn these quickly will be equally valuable.

Former interns have described their time at Cobaltix as, “drinking from the fire hose” and have said that they learned more at Cobaltix than the sum of all of their learning before. The environment and culture are great, and the people are both supporting and happy to be mentors (on average the engineers at Cobaltix have 14 years of experience and we only hire the very best people). You should only apply for this internship if this type of learning environment appeals to you.

A few questions here will likely demonstrate what we are looking for:

  • At what age did you take apart your first computer? How many since?
  • Have you ever used a Raspberry Pi, rooted your phone, or installed VMWare?
  • What kind of a network do you have set up at home?
  • How does the operating system handle memory?

Please contact Douglas Beaver directly if you think you would be a good candidate for the Internship.