Fellowship Details

Location: San Francisco, CA
Time: 3 months, starting at the beginning of January/July
US Visa: No special visa required for 3 months
Selection criteria: Recommendation and Interview
Fellowship pays for: Cobaltix will pay for airfare and housing.
Application: Please email Professor Douglas Beaver (dob@kea.dk) in Copenhagen or Steve Walker (swalker@cobaltix.com) in San Francisco to start the process.


The Cobaltix Innovation Labs Fellowship spans 6 months, and a lot will be happening in parallel. There are three main pieces:

1. Customized reading and one-on-one lectures/conversations on topics that will include business, technology, and understanding of how people think. There will be meetings every week, and the load will be heavy in this area. Fellows will learn more in this period than at any other time in their lives.

2. Cobaltix will arrange approximately 20 meetings with highly successful and influential people in the Bay Area/Silicon Valley. These meetings will be two hours in duration, and the goal by the end of the last interview will be for the fellows to formulate and understand their path to success moving forward. We will help fellows understand how to take in mentoring, how to listen and learn from these types of meetings, and how to deepen the relationships where a connection is made.

3. Toward the end of the program, each candidate will do two projects—each chosen by the fellows themselves, with guidance if requested. The first will be for the benefit of the foundation (a first chance to begin paying it forward). It may come in the form of a video or published work that brings out the great advice from the mentoring—again, this project will be designed and completed by the fellow. The second project will become the fellow's jumping off point for the next 5 years. The time in San Francisco should lead each candidate to achieve success. For many, this will be the first step in starting a company. For others, it may lead in different directions, but there will be a responsibility to start moving to a place where each person will be able to do something great, so that each person will be in a position to pay it forward later.

Drinking from the Fire Hose

At the beginning of the program, each candidate will go through a series of meetings to assess personal and business goals, strengths, learning style, and abilities.
From these meetings, a customized learning program will be created.
Reading assignments will come as fast and heavily as a person can take them in, and customized to a given person's reading style.

Likewise, the topics to be discussed will be highly focused based on each fellow's direction and what is best for that person. It will be like drinking from a fire hose.

Mentors and the Two Projects

Each fellow will work with mentors, mostly during the second half of the program. By the end of the program, each one will also complete two projects.

The mentors are highly successful people. Many started their own businesses; others have specific expertise, and all contribute to the world in meaningful and significant ways. All have a few things in common—a very clear sense of direction, an extremely strong work ethic, the ability to think well in extremely complex ways, and an understanding of how other people think.
Most are modest, and all have volunteered to work with the exceptionally talented people in the fellowship program as one of the ways they give back.