Are You the Best Candidate?

Do you enjoy doing things that people consider impossible and solving problems that others can’t figure out? Do you take things apart just to figure out how they work? Do the words ‘challenge’ and ‘solution’ get you interested? Cobaltix Innovation Labs might be the place for you.

This fellowship is for people who think they can change the world. Grades don’t matter. Being smart does, as does how hard you work. If you’re one of those chosen, you’ll work harder than you’ve ever experienced. The pace will be fast, and we’ll expect you to be exceptional.

We’ll teach you how to run a P/L, what’s really involved in starting a company, sales and closing, the role of the narrative in business, how your brain works, influence and leadership styles—but not in an academic way. This will all be focused on changing the trajectory of your life. You’ll have more individual attention and mentoring that you’ve ever had before.
You’ll meet highly successful leaders from San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. By the end of the program, you will be able to define what success means to you and you will know where you are going, and how you are going to get there.

Don’t think of applying, though, unless you understand the principle of paying it forward. We’re providing this opportunity to help some incredibly talented people make a difference in the world. We want each fellow to make a similar difference in another person’s life in the future—we want you to pay it forward!

What We’re Looking for

The criteria to choose among the talented candidates include the following:

  • Personal recommendation from someone well known to the program.
  • The ability to see the bigger picture and an international outlook on life.
  • Demonstrated drive, determination, and work ethic.
  • Having an innovative mind, and the ability to solve any problem.
  • Intelligence and ingenuity.
  • Generosity, and the desire to pay it forward.
  • A clear interest in and aptitude for business and technology.

Generally, we are looking for candidates with incredible potential to accelerate in fast-paced environments, be innovative in their approaches to problems, and make a real difference in the world.


Candidates will be nominated by October/May. Interviews with the finalists will happen locally to the candidate, where possible.

Interviews consist of a “standard” interview (background, achievements, goals, etc.), a technical interview (in the candidate’s area(s) of strength), a logic test, and likely other interviews to help determine the best candidate.

Decisions will be made based on all of these factors.

Decisions are final and non-appealable.

In the event that the primary candidate is unable to accept the fellowship, the offer will be withdrawn and may be offered to another candidate, at the foundation’s discretion.