The mission of Cobaltix Innovation Labs is to create a continually growing community of innovative, successful business leaders around the world who will move the world forward, and also pay it forward for those who follow them.

This goal will be achieved by bringing innovative fellows with incredible potential in business and technology to the San Francisco Bay Area between their academic and professional lives, and giving them the training and mentoring to positively change the trajectory of their careers.

Fellows will be provided with a customized curriculum that will include instruction, reading and analysis on business topics, shadowing, and a structured mentoring program featuring twenty extremely successful business leaders and highly influential people. Instruction will include business, technology, innovation, professional communication, and ways of thinking common to highly successful people.


Cobaltix Innovation Labs is supported by Cobaltix, a successful high-end business and technology consulting firm in the US.

Fellows will have a workspace in the Cobaltix offices in San Francisco, and will benefit from working alongside and mentoring from some of the incredible people at Cobaltix.

Cobaltix offices are located at a beautiful historic building in SoMa (South of Market), an area known for innovation and incubation of high-tech start-ups.

San Francisco lies 45 minutes north of Palo Alto and Silicon Valley, 3 hours from Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, and a short drive to both the University of California at Berkeley, and Stanford University. The San Francisco Bay Area is also known for incredible food, a magnet for a wide variety of cultures, and as a focal point for innovation in the world.

Pay It Forward

Cobaltix Innovation Labs was founded on the idea of "pay it forward." This means, quite simply, that we are looking for people who are exceptional, and will not only benefit from the incredibly fast-paced training they'll receive, but will pay it forward in the future, when they are established and can make the world a better place by helping other exceptional people.

In the next 20 years, Cobaltix Innovation Labs hopes to bring about 150 fellows to the San Francisco Bay Area and propel them forward in their careers and position them to achieve great things. Some of these incredibly talented, bright, and gracious people will undoubtedly help to move the world forward, some in small ways, and likely some in big ways. Their real impact, though, will be felt if some of them are able to propel others forward.

We want to lead the people in this program to be force multipliers and to create an enduring good.